railway infrastructure monitoring by drones

A system for linear infrastructure monitoring, surveying and inspection by drones

Train graffiti

The problem

Linear infrastructures such as railways, telecom or power lines pose the problem of condicion and enviroment remote monitoring its environment.

We specifically address these issues:

  • Infrastructure environment surveillance to prevent intrusion, sabotage or damages  
  • Visual inspection of infrastructure condition

Our solution

Our solution is a mobile autonomous self-propelled device moving along an auxiliary line to which it is attached.

The auxiliary line is suspended on the existing infrastructure (poles)

The product

The product is based on these elements:

  • A small vehicle, similar to a regular drone with a propeller system based on bearings, that acts as a platform to support several sensors such as cameras, etc.
  • Power stations to charge drone batteries
  • A grooved wire which enables both the suspension on the poles and the guiding of the drone
  • Communications must be enabled by an existing network

Main Drawbacks

Compared to regular drones (UAV)

  • Supply and instalation of an additional wire, although the core of the auxiliary wire may perform one of the existing wire´s function)
  • Limited payload, conditioned to site´s overhead line mechanical characteristics
  • Higher CAPEX

Key Benefits

  • Safety (no risk of falling into people, rolling stock or assets).
  • No UAV requirements
  • No UAV operators
  • Lower OPEX
  • Wider range of operating conditions

Don´t miss out!

We are actively looking for bussiness partners to develop this project, such as a rail infraestructure ownersm wire/cable manufacturers and financial investors.

Drop us an email if you are interested.