Why did I get into STEAM education?

Maths and physics are usually presented to the students the way the front stage is presented to the auditorium: what´s going on in the back is hidden. You are supposed to be smart enough to guess it, even though the men who developed those abstractions built them by placing one brick of concrete over the other.

Spain Must Embrace Localism

Illustration by @Marina_Oliva20 This piece was originaly published in anti-fragilista.com It is human to stumble twice against the same stone, but it is stupid not to do it against the same solution – Size does matter, but small is beautiful – French absolutism and German romanticism do not sit well in Spain Empty Spain “Empty Spain[1]”Continue reading “Spain Must Embrace Localism”

The Maker Movement and the Antifragile Society

They kept the plan so secret that they lost the key – Robert Redford at the Hudson River – What´s a girl like you (doing in a place like this) – The fool on the hill – A Swiss Army Knife in every household We weren’t ready. The COVID19 pandemic has shown that most Western countries were not preparedContinue reading “The Maker Movement and the Antifragile Society”

Telice´s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

This post is an adaptation of part of a piece under the title “LECCIONES APRENDIDAS DE UNA DECADA LIDERANDO DOS PROYECTOS DE EMPRENDIMIENTO DIGITAL EN EL BIERZO Y LEON” that was originally published in the journal from the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Tourism “Economía Industrial 417: Emprendimiento Digital”  When Atom met Bitsy – ViaContinue reading “Telice´s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility”


Auscultator of bimodal and contactless catenary, comprising: # – horizontal movement and measurement system, with horizontal movement subsystem, linear displacer (7) perpendicular to the track width; measured horizontal distance subsystem; subsystem detection of the inner face of each rail; and control subsystem, for systems integration, implementation of the application and communication with the operator. # – vertical measurement system. # – installation assistance system that projects laser lines for reference to the installer and correctly position the catenary with respect to the center of the track. # – And control system, for systems integration, implementation of the application and communication with the operator.


OBJECT OF THE INVENTION The present invention can be included in the technical field of rail transport, in particular, within the field of installation and maintenance of overhead contact lines (LAC).More specifically, the object of the invention is a measuring device, for measuring, without contact, LAC parameters, which has great speed and precision in measurement.