About Me

Railway bridge damage

Preventing a network outage as a railway bridge collapsed during a flooding.

I rather make things happen than conform to the status quo. To shape reality into “what could be and should be” even if that means taking the bold road.

At age 24 I joined my family business at times of struggle. I had to step up but the team was very supportive at that critical time. I was also fortunate to bring great people onboard.

We harnessed tail winds and managed to pull through some very tough times. We came out becoming one of the leading contractors for Railway Systems in Spain.

Being useful to others is one of my personal top values. Being there and showing up has also been part of our company´s ethos since it was founded by my father in 1973.

As a manager I´ve always tryed to take care of my team, get myself off the way and remove actual and future obstacles for them.

Giving autonomy to my team freed me the time to start other endeavours. We partnered to build an information technology & communication bussiness for international tunneling projects. And we set up a foundation that fosters STEAM education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At this point, it is the time again for me to start new projects. I am interested in business oportunities, entrepreneurship and innovation. I am keen to delve into fields beyond my expertise in railways, construction and education.

Finally I am all in for the local development of my home region. I ocassionally speak out on politics and push for localism.

Reach me through linkedin or twitter or feel free to message me by filling the form below. Make things happen!