Hi-rail earth driller in railway electrification

Hi-rail earth driller

Telice is starting a new railway electrification project in Spain. We are using a hi-rail earth driller to build pole/mast concrete foundations.

This equipment was built according to our own high-level specifications. They are the result of accumultated know-how and expertise. We have been building concrete foundations for railway electrification projects for more than 48 years.

It is a fast, clean, high output driller. It helps us and our customers to make an effective use of track possesions.

A few years ago I was following closely the 52-mile electrification of the San Francisco – San Jose Caltrain corridor. I failed to communicate effectively our value proposition to the bidders.

I believe we would have been a good fit. There was not that much experience in the electrification of a non-electrified railway track in the States at the time.

The driller is, however, only part of the story. You need a high performing team to set up a high performing building process. The challenge is for the concrete team to match the pace of the driller.

This is easier at some sites, such as the one in this video. There is plenty of space for machinery. But usually all machines must run on rails. So there´s a bit of a traffic congestion.

Hi-rail earth driller in action

You might notice the short size of the driller´s rear. Specially if you are from the USA. That´s a key feature of the hi-rail earth driller. It makes it easiere to meet track clearances. You might be able to work in a double track section using only a possesion for one track. That’s gold!

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