t-Cat: a LiDAR gauge for OLE (catenary) rail measurements


The Overhead Line (Catenary) System and the railway environment geometry must be measured to meet safety and reliability standards: contact wire height & stagger, REFOS or clearances.

We found that the worst enemy of quality in OLE operations was lack of measurements. Using a laser gauge is too cubersome and human-error prone if you are to survey more than 500 m of railway while using a train measurement or boarded-system is nor operationally feasable unless you are to survey a long section.

So we developed a real time LiDAR solution tailored to OLE operations that provides sound evidence of compliance to requirements while saving time and money.

tCat at work

LiDAR techology has enabled a boost in survey speed and extended high-value functionalities with the cost of some accuracy in height + stagger measurement but with the advantage of avoidance of every source of human error in the process: reading and typing measurements in the field and entering them later into an Excel sheet.

And it’s foldable!

tCat out-of-the-box

This product has been developed with funding from the EU. It was based on our own laser profiling solution which we have been using in Telice´s projects for over 10 years.

This is now a commercial product, you may find more information here.

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